You need to install the xvid video codac to see the cameras. Click here to download and install

Once you have logged on you may need to allow ActiveX to install. There will be a pop up at the top of the camera page. Right click and install ACTIVE X.

I have installed 5 cameras in my facility. 3 on the interior and 2 on the exterior. I have these cameras so that the parents can log on and view their child at any time of day. Its a way of giving you, the parents, a reassuring feeling to know that your child is safe and ok. Or if you miss your child and want to log in to see them. You will be able to see your child doing their daily activities throughout the day. The streaming video is in real time. The "log in" process is password protected so only the parents with the password may view their children. We ask that you do not give your password to any other friends or family members.

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